What permissions are used on Android and for what purpose? - Threema (2023)

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Which version of Android is required?

Starting with version 4.6, the Threema app for Android requires Android 5.0 or later.

For security and compatibility reasons, Threema apps must run on current operating system versions. It is therefore inevitable that support for outdated operating systems will be discontinued from time to time.

Android 4.4 users can continue using Threema 4.59 for now if the app is already installed. However, please note that Threema 4.59 is no longer available for download.

Can I buy/use Threema without a Google account?

Yes, if you buy the app fromthreema storeor throughF-droideapp store, you don't need a google account.

Thanks toThrust Threema, you can also use Threema without Google services.

If you use a Huawei device that is not equipped with Google Services, you candownload Threema from Huawei's AppGallery.

Why is sync no longer working after restarting my phone?

This issue only affects the Android version of Threema on specific Android OS versions.

Some versions of Android (Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is often affected, and on some Samsung devices even newer versions) have a bug that affects paid apps. Sync account is lost after phone reset; consequently, contact synchronization no longer works. We are currently looking for a reasonable solution and recommend all users to upgrade to a newer OS version if possible.

As a workaround, you can disable and re-enable synchronization in Threema settings. This will cause the account to be recreated and the sync working again until the next phone restart.

More information about this Android error can be foundhere.

How can I reinstall the app without data loss?

You may experience issues with Threema after updating your phone's operating system or making other changes to your phone. In this case, it may be necessary to reinstall the application. To avoid losing your data, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a data backup in Threema that includes media files (find outwhich).
  2. Go to Android > Settings > Applications > Threema.
  3. Tap "Clear Data" and uninstall the app.
  4. Restart your phone and reinstall the app.
  5. Open Threema and restore the previously created backup with our setup wizard.
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Why can't I update the app from the Google Play Store?

Bought Threema from the Google Play Store but can't see updates or an install button on the Google Play Store? Proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure you're using the same Google account you had when you purchased Threema.
  2. On your computer, log in toplay.google.com🇧🇷 Go to "Profile Icon (circle with initials) > Payments & Subscriptions > Budget & Order History". Is Threema on this list?
  3. If Threema is listed, please delete data from Google Play Store and Download Manager apps on your phone according tothese instructions.
  4. Restart your phone and sign in to the Google Play Store. Now you can proceed with updating or reinstalling Threema.
  5. If Threema doesn't appear in "Order & Quote History", you were using a different Google account when you purchased Threema, or you purchased fromour own store.

Why am I always asked for the master key password?

Android automatically closes background tasks if you're running low on memory. This can affect a process responsible for keeping the password present in memory. You must re-enter your password when starting Threema. Threema can't change that.

If you are frequently asked for your password, we recommend disabling it and using global encryption on your device. You can find this in your phone settings: Security > Encrypt Phone or Security > Encrypt Device.

What does the message "The master key is unlocked" mean?

This notification is displayed if you are using the Android version of Threema and have set a passphrase in your master key. To prevent the operating system from terminating the Threema process (resulting in the loss of the unlocked master key as it is only stored in RAM, requiring manual re-entering of the password), the application must display a notification. This notification serves no other purpose and is only necessary due to the aforementioned Android limitation.

Note: In times of extreme memory shortage, Android will terminate even processes that display a persistent notification. In this case, you may be asked to enter the master key password again. This is caused by Android; Threema has no influence on the termination of this process.

How can I save files (media)?

Save individual files (media) manually

First, tap and hold the desired (media) file in the chat. Then open the menu via the three vertical dots and tap "Save".

Starting with Android 10 and Threema 4.5 for AndroidFiles (media) are saved in the following directories depending on the file type:

  • Images/Threma
  • Movies/Threma
  • Music/Threma
  • Documents/Threma

No Android 9 e anterior, media files are saved in the “Threema/Threema Pictures” (or “Threema Videos”/“Threema Audio” directory, depending on the file type). Files are stored in the global "Downloads" directory on your device and are accessible through the Downloads app.

Automatically save received media files

In Threema, go to "Settings > Media & Storage" and enable "Auto Save to Gallery". Autosaved media files are located in the same directories as manually saved media files, see above.

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What are distribution lists?

On Android, distribution lists can be used to send messages to multiple recipients. Unlike group chats, messages are sent to recipients separately when using distribution lists. Therefore, recipients are unaware that other recipients received the same message. Sending a message to a distribution list is basically the same as sending the message to each member of the distribution list in a single chat.

To create a distribution list on Android, proceed as follows:

  1. On Threema's main screen, open the menu (by tapping the three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and select "New distribution list"
  2. Select the recipients who will receive messages sent to this distribution list and finalize your selection by tapping the check mark in the top right corner
  3. Specify a name for the distribution list and confirm by tapping "OK"

If you want to send the same message to several recipients without creating a distribution list, proceed as follows:

  1. Tap "Start Chat" in the chat overview
  2. To select recipients, tap and hold the contacts you want to send the message to
  3. Tap the right arrow
  4. Compose and send the message. It will be sent to each recipient separately.
  5. To return to the chat overview, tap the arrow in the top left corner. As soon as you return to the chat overview, the mailing list you just used will no longer be available.

What is notification priority?

Notification priority can be adjusted in Threema > Settings > Sound & Notification > Priority. This setting controls how notifications are prominently displayed. The default is High and should not be changed. Adjustments to this setting can have different effects on different devices and on different versions of Android. In general, the Low setting should prevent pop-up notifications from appearing.

What are notification channels?

As of Android 8.0, apps must assign their notifications to so-called "notification channels". These channels determine which signals (notification sound, light, vibration, etc.) trigger incoming notifications.

For privacy reasons, Threema does not create a separate notification channel for each contact, but one for each combination of notification settings. A channel's ID is a hash of its notification settings.

Edit notification settings

Only edit notification settings for chats and calls in Threema (in Settings > Sound & Notifications or individual chat notification settings), not in System Preferences. Changes made to System Preferences will be lost.


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If you use a Xiaomi device (including Pocophone) with MIUI 10 or later, enable notification signals as described inthis guide.

How can I customize ringtones and notification sounds?

To use custom ringtones and notification sounds on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Copy your ringtone sound files to "ringtones" folder and notification sound files to "notifications" folder. Alternatively you can use third party apps likeringtone maker, which will take care of copying the files to the correct location for you.
  2. In the Threema app, go to Settings > Notifications, where you can now select the sound files you just added.

Xiaomi: Why is there no popup or sound when new messages arrive?


In MIUI 11, some notification settings are disabled by default for Threema, and unfortunately, there is no way for the app to enable them. However, you can adjust this setting as follows:

  • On Threema, go to Settings > Sound & Notifications
  • Tap on “MIUI Settings”
  • Enable all (or desired) notification settings for Threema:
    • show notifications
    • Show app icon badges
    • floating notifications
    • lock screen notifications
    • allow sound
    • allow vibration
    • Allow using LED light


If an application like Threema creates anotification channelIn MIUI 10, only vibration can be enabled as a notification signal, all other signals (warning, sound, notification light, etc.) are disabled by default and need to be enabled manually.

Enable notification signals as follows:

  • On Threema, go to Settings > Sound & Notifications
  • Select "MIUI Settings"
  • Open the first entry in the Chats section
  • Enable all settings (floating notifications, lock screen notifications, sound, etc.)
  • Return to the previous screen and repeat the procedure for all other entries in the Chats section

When a new notification channel is added (ie when you start using a new combination of notification settings), you will also need to enable that channel's notification settings as described above.

Due to Xiaomi restrictions, Threema cannot automatically adjust notification channel settings for you. For some selected apps, Xiaomi has enabled all notification signals by default. Please contact Xiaomi for more information.

What happened to "Android Backup"?

Due to its low reliability, "Android Backup" is no longer available in Threema 3.6 for Android and above. please useThreema Safeand/or createdata backups.

What happened to the camera features?

As of version 4.0, Threema for Android incorporates a camera. To open it, tap the camera icon in the text field. The built-in camera covers the basic functionality. However, you can still use an external camera app if you want to use special features: tap the paperclip icon in the text field and select "System Camera".

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What is Threema Push?

By default, Threema for Android uses Google's push service to notify users of incoming messages when the app is in the background. If you prefer not to rely on Google services, Threema Push is available as an alternative. For more information about Threema Push, seethis blog post.

Enable Threema Push

To enable Threema Push, go to "Threema > Settings > About Threema > Troubleshooting" and tap "Use Threema Push". (If no other push services are available, Threema Push will be used automatically.)

Hide persistent notification andstatus bar icon

After enabling Threema Push, a notification titled "Threema Push" will appear along with an icon in the status bar. To remove both, disable the "Threema Push" notification channel: Navigate to the Android notification settings for Threema (eg "Settings > Applications > Threema > Notifications") and disable "Threema Push".


For Threema Push to receive new messages in the background, it is necessary that"Power Restrictions" is off, while "Background Data" is on(cf.dontkillmyapp.com).


Certain limitations currently apply to the desktop app and web client when Threema Push is enabled. Other than that, battery consumption may increase slightly when Threema Push is enabled.

What is Free Threema?

Threema Libre is a version of Threema for Android. It is completely free of proprietary dependencies (i.e. 100% open source) and available exclusively on the F-Droid alternative app store. More information can be foundin this blog post.

To learn how to install Threema Libre, seethis FAQ article.

How do I install Threema Libre?

Threema Libre is available exclusively from our F-Droid repository (and requires athreema storelicense). TheCliente F-Droidit must be installed on your Android device before proceeding.

  • If you are reading this page on your smartphone, tap the following link:fdroidrepos://releases.threema.ch/fdroid/repo?fingerprint=5734E753899B25775D90FE85362A49866E05AC4F83C05BEF5A92880D2910639E
  • If you are reading this page on a desktop computer, scan the following QR code with your smartphone (and follow the link):
    What permissions are used on Android and for what purpose? - Threema (1)
  • A pre-populated dialog for adding a repository will appear in your F-Droid client: add repository
  • You will be redirected to the page where you opened the link to add the repository: back to F-Droid client
  • Search for "Threema Libre" in the F-Droid client and install the app

If you don't already have a Threema Shop license,please buy one🇧🇷 Finally, open the Threema Libre app and enter your license key.

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It is possible to use Threema Libre together with Threema Shop or the Google Play version on the same device. If you already have a Threema Shop license key (for example, for an already installed store version), you can also use it on the same device for Threema Libre.

If you want to switch to Threema Libre from Play Store or Threema Shop version, please create data backup in current Threema version and restore it in Threema Libre (seethis FAQ articlefor details). So, if everything is set up and working in Threema Libre, remove the other version of Threema.


What app permissions should I not allow? ›

Watch out for permissions like access to your location, camera, microphone, contacts, browsing history and photo library. These can be particularly invasive and risky if not explicitly required for an app to function.

What are different types of permissions in Android? ›

The three permission protection levels in Android are as follows:
  • Normal Permissions.
  • Signature Permissions.
  • Dangerous Permissions.
Sep 19, 2021

What is special permissions in Android? ›

A special permission guards access to system resources that are particularly sensitive or not directly related to user privacy. These permissions are different than install-time permissions and runtime permissions. Figure 1: The Special app access screen in system settings.

Does Threema work on Android? ›

The desktop app and the web client are available for both the Android and the iOS version of the Threema Work app. Please note that a mobile device (on which the Threema Work app is present and activated using credentials) is required.

What is SMS permission on Android? ›

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory---for instance, the SMS permission lets apps read and send text messages---but you'll see descriptions at the top of each page if you're not sure. Tap a permission and under Allowed, you'll see every app that you've approved to use that function.

Can Threema be tapped? ›

Threema calls impress with crystal-clear voice quality and brilliant video quality. Since they are end-to-end encrypted, they are tap-proof. Instead of a phone number, the Threema ID serves as unique identifier.

What permissions should be avoided in Android? ›

It's the “dangerous” permissions that Android requires your permission to use. These “dangerous” permissions include access to your calling history, private messages, location, camera, microphone, and more. These permissions are not inherently dangerous, but have the potential for misuse.

What happens if you turn off app permissions? ›

It can use the permission until you're done with the app. Don't allow: The app cannot use the setting, even when you're using the app.

What are four basic permissions? ›

There are four categories (system, owner, group, and world) and four types of access permissions (Read, Write, Execute and Delete).

What are the six types of permissions? ›

There are six standard permission types which apply to files and folders in Windows: Full Control. Modify. Read & Execute.
  • create folders.
  • add new files.
  • delete files.
Sep 9, 2022

What are the default permissions in Android? ›

Overview. By default, an Android app starts with zero permissions granted to it. When the app needs to use any of the protected features of the device (sending network requests, accessing the camera, sending an SMS, etc) it must obtain the appropriate permission from the user to do so.

What are 777 permissions? ›

Some file permission examples: 777 - all can read/write/execute (full access). 755 - owner can read/write/execute, group/others can read/execute. 644 - owner can read/write, group/others can read only.

What is the most secure messaging app for Android? ›

Best 10 Secure Private Messaging Apps in 2023
  • Wire – Secure Messaging App for Android ,iOS. ...
  • Threema – Top Encrypted Messaging App. ...
  • WhatsApp – Most Secure Messaging Platform. ...
  • Wickr Me – Most Secured Private Messaging App. ...
  • Viber – Secure Messaging Software. ...
  • Silence – Best Secure Messaging Platform. ...
  • Line – Best Private Chat App.

Where are Threema messages stored? ›

Apart from (some) group calls, Threema's servers in Switzerland handle all communication.

Can police see Threema messages? ›

Threema uses the open-source library NaCl for encryption. The FBI document says it can access: No message content. Hash of phone number and email address, if provided by user.

Why would someone use permissions controller? ›

The Android permissions controller is a component of the operating system that controls which privileges apps have. After downloading it, it allows you to approve or deny access to a new app. Ensure you're using Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later to activate or deny permissions for a particular app.

What is the difference between permission and uses permission in Android? ›

What is difference between permission and uses-permission in Android? permission is normally used when making a custom permission e.g. when making an app that other apps can tie in to, limiting access is a must. uses-permission is used when your app actually needs a permission it doesn't have normally.

Do you need permission to send text messages? ›

You cannot send text messages just because you have someone's number — you have to have consent. The Federal Communications Commission (”FCC”) enforces rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (”TCPA”) to protect consumers from unwanted calls or text messages.

How private is Threema? ›

Linking a phone number or email address to one's Threema ID is possible but optional. Hence, Threema can be used completely anonymously, which is a crucial feature in terms of privacy protection: Where there is no personal data in the first place, no personal data can ever be misused.

What does a red dot on Threema mean? ›

If you know that someone is using Threema, but they are missing or are marked with a red dot, it is because of one of the following reasons: Your contact has not linked their Threema ID with a phone number or email address. Your own address book contains neither your contact's phone number nor email address.

Has Threema been hacked? ›

The seven attacks span three different threat models, according to ETH Zurich researchers Kenneth G. Paterson, Matteo Scarlata, and Kien Tuong Truong, who reported the issues to Threema on October 3, 2022.

What are 666 permissions? ›

A text file has 666 permissions, which grants read and write permission to everyone. A directory and an executable file have 777 permissions, which grants read, write, and execute permission to everyone.

What permissions does Google Play services really need? ›

Google Play services automatically obtains all permissions it needs to support its APIs. However, your app should still check and request runtime permissions as necessary and appropriately handle errors in cases where a user has denied Google Play services a permission required for an API your app uses.

Which app is using which permission? ›

To instead see all apps grouped by the types of permissions they use, visit Settings > Privacy > Permission manager. Here you'll see permissions like Camera and Location; tap one to see the apps that have the permission allowed or declined.

Can apps access your camera without you knowing? ›

All sorts of apps can request permission to access the camera, microphone, and other features, such as location information, on your phone or computer. Using the steps below, it's easy to see which apps have requested permission and revoke permissions that you've granted in the past.

Can an app access my contacts without permission? ›

Contacts: With permission to read, change, and add contacts in your address book, and access the list of accounts registered in the smartphone, an app can send your entire address book to its server.

Why do apps ask for unnecessary permissions? ›

Android does that for security reasons; if permissions have potential for abuse, it's better if an app doesn't have them by default. Apps actually need some permissions to do their jobs. For example, AR games really do require access to the camera. But even legitimate apps often want more than they really need.

What are examples of permissions? ›

They got/received permission from the city to build an apartment complex. The teacher gave me her permission to go home early. He asked (for) my permission to paint his room. You have my permission.

What are the different access permissions? ›

Access permissions include read, write, and none.

What are two key types of access permissions? ›

Rule-based and role-based are two types of access control models. The two systems differ in how access is assigned to specific people in your building. Note: Both rule-based and role-based access control are represented with the acronym “RBAC.” For simplicity, we will only discuss RBAC systems using their full names.

What are 444 permissions? ›

444 = (r-- r-- r--): owner/group/others are all only able to read the file. They cannot write to it or execute it.

Why are permissions important? ›

Asking permission can improve the way people listen to each other. It can help build relationships by demonstrating respect and appreciation for friends, co-workers and family members.

What are 700 permissions? ›

To remove all permissions for group and world you would type chmod 700 [filename]. To give the owner all permissions and world execute you would type chmod 701 [filename]. To give the owner all permissions and world read and execute you would type chmod 705 [filename].

Which user has the highest permissions in the system? ›

Superuser/Superuser Accounts. Superuser accounts are highly privileged accounts primarily used for administration by specialized IT employees. These users/accounts may have virtually unlimited privileges, or ownership, over a system.

What type of permissions does someone set if they want to control access to individual files? ›

There are three types of share permissions: Full Control, Change and Read. You can set each of them to “Deny” or “Allow” to control access to shared folders or drives: Read — Users can view file and subfolder names, read data in files, and run programs. By default, the “Everyone” group is assigned “Read” permissions.

What are 400 permissions? ›

It means to protect a file against the accidental overwriting, removing, renaming or moving files.

Does Android have secret messages? ›

Step 1: Go to Settings. Select Private mode or click on the option from the notification panel. Step 2: Turn on the private mode & Enter your security pin. View your hidden texts in the private folder or browse the gallery for other content.

What app permissions should I avoid? ›

Watch out for permissions like access to your location, camera, microphone, contacts, browsing history and photo library. These can be particularly invasive and risky if not explicitly required for an app to function.

How many types of permissions are there in Android? ›

The three permission protection levels in Android are as follows: Normal Permissions. Signature Permissions. Dangerous Permissions.

What is the uses permission in Android? ›

description: Specifies a system permission that the user must grant in order for the app to operate correctly. Permissions are granted by the user when the application is installed (on devices running Android 5.1 and lower) or while the app is running (on devices running Android 6.0 and higher).

What is 766 permission? ›

766 is the mode we are changing the directory to, it means that the directory is readable and writable by WordPress and any and all other users on your system.

What is permission 644? ›

Permissions of 644 mean that the owner of the file has read and write access, while the group members and other users on the system only have read access. Issue one of the following chmod commands to reset the permissions on a file back to one of the likely defaults: chmod 600 ~/example.txt chmod 644 ~/example.txt.

What are 600 permissions? ›

Permission 600 is a common setting for data files that the owner wants to keep private. The owner may read and write a file. All others have no rights.

What texting app Cannot be traced? ›

You can use Threema anonymously and protect private conversations with a PIN, which makes it one of the top non-traceable text message apps.

What is the most private way to text? ›

#1 Signal. Signal is the overall winner for both iOS and Android users. Signal created an encryption protocol that is now recognized as the most secure messaging app protocol out there. It offers everything most users need – SMS, video and voice calls, group chats, file sharing, disappearing messages, etc.

Which is the safest app lock for Android? ›

If you're looking for an app that protects nearly all the apps on your phone, try AppLock by Ivy Mobile. This app is free to download, available on Google Play Store, and easy to use, unlike most apps out there. You can protect apps such as WhatsApp, email, gallery, contacts, videos, and more with his app.

Can we hide chat in Threema? ›

To hide all private chats, go to “Settings > Privacy” and activate the “Hide Private Chat” option. To show all hidden chats, deactivate the “Hide Private Chats” option in the Settings and enter the passcode. Private chats can only be displayed on mobile devices, but not in the desktop app / the web client.

Can you screenshot Threema? ›

However, you can back up your files so messages can travel with you. Unlike Wickr Me, Threema prevents parties from taking screenshots of conversations on their device for Android users.

What do people use Threema for? ›

Threema is an end-to-end (E2E) encrypted mobile messaging app. Unlike so many other secure apps, this one doesn't require you to enter an email address or phone number to create an account. This allows you to use the service with a very high level of anonymity, making it perhaps the most private messenger of all.

Can Threema messages be recovered? ›

The chat history will not be restored with Threema Safe. Alternatively, you can create an ID export. With the ID export, only the ID can be restored. With data backups, you can transfer all your data, including chats and media files.

Does Threema show your phone number? ›

Threema does not use phone numbers to address users and can be used anonymously without uploading address book data.

What apps should not be on my Android phone? ›

17 dangerous Android apps you should delete from your phones right now
  • 117. Document Manager.
  • 217. Coin track Loan - Online loan.
  • 317. Cool Caller Screen.
  • 417. PSD Auth Protector.
  • 517. RGB Emoji Keyboard.
  • 617. Camera Translator Pro.
  • 717. Fast PDF Scanner.
  • 817. Air Balloon Wallpaper.
Jul 5, 2022

Which permission is required for send message from application in Android? ›

Sending an SMS message is permission-protected. Your app can't use SMS without the SEND_SMS permission line in AndroidManifest. xml. This permission line enables a setting for the app in the Settings app that gives the user the choice of allowing or disallowing use of SMS.

What is SMS permission on phone? ›

SMS permissions

Furthermore, an app with permission to access SMS will be able to read all of the messages you have stored in your SMS apps. It will also be able to intercept and read (and possibly alter) incoming messages and it will even be allowed to send out SMS messages from your phone.

What is Echo on Threema? ›

In recent versions of Threema, the “ECHOECHO” ID is listed among your contacts by default. It can be used to test message transmission. You can delete the ECHOECHO contact at any time (and, if need be, add it again manually).

What happens when you delete Threema app? ›

Revocation will permanently delete a Threema ID and all associated information from the servers. This will make it impossible for a user to send or receive any message using this ID, or to restore the ID from a backup.

Can hackers read encrypted messages? ›

Hackers can break encryption to access the data using a number of different methods. The most common method is stealing the encryption key itself. Another common way is intercepting the data either before it has been encrypted by the sender or after it has been decrypted by the recipient.

Which apps can harm your phone? ›

Stay out front on application security, information security and data security.
For example, here are the top 10 Android apps blackballed by enterprises:
  • Poot-debug(W100). apk.
  • AndroidSystemTheme.
  • Where's My Droid.
  • Weather.
  • Wild Crocodile.
  • Star War.
  • ggzzversion.
  • Boyfriend Tracker.

What apps should you avoid for privacy? ›

So, let's start with Siri.
  • Siri. Siri is basically not an app but a feature in iOS that gave the company an edge over its competitors in the industry. ...
  • Flashlight App. We've discussed the problems for which flashlight apps are notorious. ...
  • DoorDash. ...
  • Angry Birds. ...
  • Facebook. ...
  • Facebook Messenger. ...
  • Go Locker. ...
  • Camera360 Ultimate.
Dec 23, 2021

What are unsafe apps? ›

They all have different features with varying levels of inappropriateness.
  • Snapchat. Kicking off our dangerous apps for kids list is one that most parents are probably familiar with. ...
  • Instagram. ...
  • Discord. ...
  • Yik Yak. ...
  • Among Us. ...
  • Twitter. ...
  • Omegle. ...
  • Hoop.
Feb 2, 2022

Which apps we should not use? ›

Those include Clean Master, DU Battery Saver, ES File Explorer, Quick Pic Gallery and a whole host of other software, many of which are from the notorious Chinese developer, Cheetah Mobile. Many of these are still available for download as APKs from various sites and third-party Android app stores.

What apps should Android users delete? ›

8 Types of Android Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone
  • Pre-Installed Bloatware Apps. ...
  • Old Utility Apps That Are Now Built-In. ...
  • Outdated Productivity Apps. ...
  • Performance Booster Apps. ...
  • Duplicate Apps That Perform the Same Functions. ...
  • Overly Engaging Social Media Apps. ...
  • Old Games You No Longer Play. ...
  • Apps You No Longer Use.
Jun 24, 2022

What system apps are spyware on Android? ›

Be Aware of Android Spy App File Names
  • XNSPY.
  • FlexiSPY.
  • SpyBubble.
  • Hoverwatch.
  • eyeZy.
  • Umobix.
Dec 16, 2022

What should you not do on your phone? ›

Read on to find out the top things that people should never do with their mobile devices:
  • Drive while talking. ...
  • Losing a smartphone without password protection. ...
  • Access banking information. ...
  • Download applications from unknown sources. ...
  • Share personal information over unsecured networks. ...
  • Text while driving.
Dec 14, 2011

What apps invade your privacy? ›

The 10 apps that are tracking you the most

Some of the biggest takeaways from the pCloud study are: 52% of apps share your data with third parties. The biggest offenders are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Uber Eats sharing 79%, 57%, 50%, and 50% of your data with third parties, respectively.

What apps have the worst privacy policy? ›

Facebook is probably the worst app for privacy, as it tracks you across all its apps and websites. It even tracks you when you log off Facebook. The app requires almost every permission there is, including: Your contacts, call logs, and text messages.

What are disguised apps? ›

A decoy app is a sneaky on-device tool that lets anybody hide secret photos, videos and messages, under the cover of an innocent-looking icon.

What apps are most likely to be hacked? ›

As you can see, the top three most searched apps for hacking are owned by Meta: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Meta products also hold the most information on their users. Hackers know this, and that's why these apps are such juicy targets.

How do you know if apps are spying on you? ›

View your installed apps: Go into Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Search for any suspicious or unexpected apps: Look out for any unexpected parental control apps, such as mSpy, Find my Friends and Family, and Spy Phone Phone Tracker. You can also tap on an app to see how much space it occupies.

How do I find suspicious apps on Android? ›

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to the Google Play Store app.
  2. Open the menu button. You can do this by tapping on the three-line icon found in the top-left corner of your screen.
  3. Select Play Protect.
  4. Tap Scan. ...
  5. If your device uncovers harmful apps, it will provide an option for removal.

Which Android apps are unsafe? ›

17 dangerous Android apps you should delete from your phones right now
  • 117. Document Manager.
  • 217. Coin track Loan - Online loan.
  • 317. Cool Caller Screen.
  • 417. PSD Auth Protector.
  • 517. RGB Emoji Keyboard.
  • 617. Camera Translator Pro.
  • 717. Fast PDF Scanner.
  • 817. Air Balloon Wallpaper.
Jul 5, 2022

What is a high risk app? ›

High-Risk Applications means life support applications, devices, or facilities; nuclear or chemical applications, devices, or facilities; applications, devices, or facilities related to aircrafts or other modes of mass transportation; or other applications, devices, or facilities in which failure of the Cloud Services, ...

What does it mean when an app has access to your camera? ›

Apps could be secretly accessing your smartphone's microphone and camera to spy on you, or collect data to serve you targeted ads. To protect yourself, you can download an app that lets you know when the microphone or camera are turned on. You can also invest in some hardware to block out the microphone and camera.


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