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Test cases for banking application or test scenarios for banking application or banking applicationTest case:In this post, we will learn how to write test cases for a banking application in an Excel spreadsheet. And in our previous post we also test Amazon Search Functionality templates. Each bank has its own flow for transferring money.

Therefore, it is difficult to generalize the flow for all banks. So I'm trying to figure out the flow that most banks are likely to have in their money transfer process. Depending on the type of bank you use, you may find many differences.

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But before you start writing test cases for banking applications, you need to understand the following things:

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What is internet banking?

In Internet banking, problem clients and organizations use an electronic way of transferring money through a web application. Currently, in the 21st century, most people use this method of money transfer because it is faster and does not require long queues to complete a single transaction.

Using this method, you can perform various operations related to money transfer such as receiving money, paying bills and many other operations.

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But when it comes to any banking app, both the developer and the testers ensure that the app runs smoothly on all browsers and devices. And the web application also secures against all cyber threats and the performance also does not drop during peak hours.

Test Cases for Banking Application in Excel Sheet and PDF 2022 (2023) (2)

Testing banking applications

There are several aspects that QA experts prioritize when testing any banking application:

  • Function test:All modules work as expected (both as standalone elements and after integration of all separate modules)
  • Usability test:Most of the time, those who use banking applications are not experienced computer users. Therefore, for them, the form must be clear and have a user interface.
  • Performance test:Since this is developed for users, the performance of the application should be faster. And the app should work correctly on different platforms.
  • Security test:Like using a banking app, people will use it to transfer money. So that is one of the high prioritiestasks for the organization to develop the application in such a way that it meets standard security guidelines.

So in this post we will discuss the natural flow of a banking application with some basic scenarios:

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Test steps for bank transactions

So here are the necessary steps we follow while doing any currency transfer:

  • Go to the login page on the bank's website.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Go to the money transfer page.
  • Add the recipient you want to transfer money to.
  • Check your bank account and person information. Make sure they are correct.
  • Choose a specific money transfer method from NEFT/RTGS or SWIFT transfer options.
  • Select the recipient's name and funds, then send the details.
  • Confirm the amount and other details on the confirmation page.
  • Press Submit for the final money transfer action.

Regardless of the steps you see above, we cover the basic flow here. And maybe if you go to another region, then it can be something other than the above scenario.

For example, some of you may receive SMS approval before sending money. Some of you probably have other ways of verifying the recipient's information to avoid sending money to the wrong person. But having said that, the flow is pretty much the same for most banks.

Another different process followed by different banks, maybe when you need to add a payee, whatever fields you see in the image below, may differ from bank to bank. So the image below shows the number of fields for which you can also validate and write test cases.

Test Cases for Banking Application in Excel Sheet and PDF 2022 (2023) (3)

If you add test cases for each page, then the test cases will cover a lot of important aspects of the tests.

Test scenarios for money transfer in the banking application

  • Check the bank's websiteURL.
  • Make sure the bank website URL has HTTPS in the address bar and in the URL.
  • Check if the login page on the bank's website is showing as fake.
  • Make sure the bank login page has a username and password.
  • Check whether the username and password are accepted or not.
  • Check if SMS authentication is triggered after login.
  • Verify that the user is redirected to the dashboard after passing all authentication processes.
  • Check if the user has access to the online money transfer feature.
  • Check whether the user can transfer money during a certain period (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).
  • Check if the money transfer option shows an out-of-hours transaction alert.
  • Confirm whether the user can add a recipient.
  • Confirm whether the recipient information can be verified.
  • Confirm whether the NEFT or RTGS remittance facility allows for nationalized remittances.
  • Check if the funds transfer page asks for the recipient's name, IFSC code, bank name, amount of funds and purpose of transfer.
  • Confirm if fund transfer page asks for PAN number if fund amount will be more than 50k.
  • Make sure the money transfer site has 2-step verification before completing the transfer.
  • Check whether the interbank transfer is instant or not.
  • Check how long it takes to transfer funds between business hours.
  • Check how long it takes to transfer funds between non-business hours.
  • Verify that the transferred amount has been sent to the sender and recipient.
  • Check whether the amount has been transferred to the exact person specified in the recipient.

Apart from this flow, there are several other scenarios; Also, we are now added to this post. We hope it also gives you a little idea how to write a bank application test case.

Test Cases for Banking Application - Online Banking Application

  • Verify that the user can log in with a valid username and password
  • Verify that the user is capable of performing basic financial transactions
  • Verify that the user can add a recipient with a valid name and account information
  • Check if the user can make financial transactions to the added recipient
  • Check if the user can add a decimal number to the amount (limited to 2 digits)
  • Make sure the user cannot add a negative number to the amount field.
  • The user of the check may transfer money only if there is a correct account balance.
  • Make sure there is a confirmation check for financial transactions
  • The user of the check receives a confirmation of a successful financial transaction.
  • Check if the customer can send money to more than one person
  • Make sure the user has permission to change the password
  • Current account information also reflects financial transactions.
  • Make sure that a user with an invalid password is not allowed to log in.
  • Check after repeated login attempts with wrong password (according to restrictions), the user should be blocked.
  • Check if the timeout feature is implemented
  • Check if the username or password is empty, the user is not allowed to login. The user must also have a warning.

Manual Test Cases for Banking Application – Admin

  • Verify that the administrator can log in with valid credentials and cannot log in with an invalid credential date.
  • Check if the administrator can login without valid test data.
  • Check all the links in the app for the admin role.
  • Make sure that the administrator can change the password with valid information and should not allow it to be changed with invalid information.
  • Check that recently used test data does not allow reuse.
  • Check if admin can login successfully or not.

Test cases of banking applications - new branch

  • Mark You can create a new branch with valid data.
  • Check with invalid data. You cannot add a branch.
  • Check to try to create a new branch with existing test data.
  • Check if Cancel, Cancel and Submit buttons are working as expected or not.
  • Try to update the branch data with valid and invalid test data.
  • Try updating the branch data with the test data.
  • Update the branch data with the existing test branch data
  • Check if the cancel button is working or not.
  • Make sure file deletion is allowed with and without dependencies.
  • Check if the user can search and locate the branch.

Test cases for banking application in Excel spreadsheet - new role

Now let's look at some example test cases for a banking application that adds a new role.

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  • Check whether you can create a new role with valid information or not.
  • See if you can create test data without test data.
  • Validate the new role with existing test data
  • Check the role description and role types.
  • Check if Cancel and Send is working as expected or not.
  • Make sure you can delete the role without dependencies.
  • Verify that all connections to the new role work as expected.

If you want to add some more points, please let us know about them. Now we will move on to other test cases of banking applications for customers and visitors.

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Test cases for banking application in Excel sheets - customers and visitors

  • Verify that all links to the Customer and Visitor modules work as expected.
  • Verify that all users can log in with their valid credentials.
  • Make sure the customer can't check in with an invalid date.
  • Check the number of failed account accesses; then user account must be locked for that day or not.

Test cases for banking application - Adding new users

  • Make sure you can add a new user with valid information.
  • Verify that the correct confirmation messages are displayed by entering invalid information.
  • Check after adding the user the correct branch information should be displayed.
  • Verify that all connections work as expected.
  • Check that all buttons work as expected.
  • Validation messages are displayed when invalid data is entered while updating user data.
  • Check the warning message when you click the submit button without changing any details during the update.
  • Check to delete the user function works as expected or not.

Test Cases for Banking Application Pdf - New Account

  • Check all required fields and their associated validation messages.
  • Check all optional fields and their associated validation messages.
  • Check after filling all the required fields, click submit and check whether the new user is added or not.
  • After depositing the amount in the account, check whether the updated balance is showing or not.
  • Check whether the user can withdraw the amount or not.
  • After withdrawing the amount, check whether the balance is updated or not.
  • Check all entered information displayed in the user profile section.
  • Check whether the primary account exists or not if it is a secondary account.
  • Check whether the company information is listed or not if it is a checking account.
  • Check whether the proof is attached or not if it is a joint account.
  • The check zero account is kept in the salary account.
  • Make sure you can maintain zero or less than the minimum balance for a non-salary account.

Test cases for the bank account number field

To test the bank account number field, simply follow the steps below.

Bank account number: SSSSXXNNNNNNNN (eg 35010100008033)

  • SSSS- The first four digits of your account number are the Service Outlet ID [SOL ID]
  • XX-The fifth and sixth digits of your account number indicate the scheme type (01-09).

The different types of schemes are:

01 – Saving,
02 – Current account
03 – Installment payment
04 – Exceeding
05 – Cash loan
06 – Borrowing
07 - Credit for package
08 – Domestic accounts
09 – Foreign bills of exchange
81 – FI accounts under SB 150

NNNNNNNN – The remaining -8- digits indicate the current serial number.

Example test cases for bank account number fields

  • Check the accounting field by entering a valid account number.
  • Check the accounting field by entering an invalid account number.
  • Check the account number field by entering an account number that is longer than 14 digits.
  • Check the account number field by entering an account number of less than 14 digits.
  • Check the account number by inserting 14 zeros.
  • Make sure the accounting field allows letters and special characters.
  • Verify the account number field by entering an alphanumeric value.
  • Make sure the account number field allows a blank value.
  • Check whether the warning message is displayed or not by entering an invalid account number.
  • Check if a message is displayed when the user enters an account number that does not exist.
  • Make sure the user has permission to insert an account number in the account number field.
  • Check when users enter a closed account number.
  • Check it when the user enters an account number with a space in between.


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I hope we can cover a very basic test scenario for a banking application. While going through them in the above scenario, if you find any missing test cases of the banking application, you can mention those scenarios in the comment section.

If you want to contribute something to Softwaretestingo.com related to banking applications or other topics or tools, you can write to us atsoftwaretestingo.com@gmail.com.

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How do I create a test case for a bank application? ›

3. Test Cases for Customers and Bankers
  1. Check if all visitor and customer links are working properly.
  2. Double-check the customer's login with valid and invalid test data.
  3. Check the customer's login without any data.
  4. Check the banker login without any data.
  5. Check the banker's login with valid or invalid test data.
Jun 30, 2022

Which testing is used for banking application? ›

Security testing is designed to find vulnerabilities that can jeopardize banking applications and websites. Security testing should verify that customer data is being secured properly, and that only authorized and authenticated users are given access to the right application or pages and their own data.

Which testing is mostly used in banking application to run the transaction after banking hours? ›

Database Testing: It is the most important part of bank application testing. This testing is done to ensure data integrity, data loading, data migration, stored procedures, and functions validation, rules testing, etc.

How do you write test cases in Excel with example? ›

Follow these steps to create a simple and effective test case template in Excel:
  1. Step 1: Create Headers For The Columns. ...
  2. Step 2: Create Rows For Each Test Case ID. ...
  3. Step 3: Document The Results in The Test Case Row. ...
  4. Test Case ID. ...
  5. Test Case Description. ...
  6. Test Steps. ...
  7. Expected Results. ...
  8. Actual Results.

How do I download all test cases from ALM to Excel? ›

To export test cases:
  1. From the Explorer Tree, select the set or folder for the test cases that you want to export. ...
  2. Select List View.
  3. Select the gear icon to open a drop-down menu and select what you want to include in the Excel spreadsheet.
  4. In the toolbar, select Export > Export to Excel.
Mar 13, 2023

What are the different types of testing in banking? ›

Here, we offer you to have a look at the types of software testing that are of primary importance in the context of banking app testing:
  • Functional Testing. ...
  • Database Testing. ...
  • Performance Testing. ...
  • Security Testing. ...
  • Usability testing. ...
  • Accessibility testing. ...
  • Compliance testing.
Dec 27, 2022

How do I create a test case template? ›

Follow the below-given steps to write the test cases.
  1. Step 1 – Test Case ID. Each test case should be illustrated by a unique ID. ...
  2. Step 2 – Test Case Description. ...
  3. Step 3 – Pre-Conditions. ...
  4. Step 4 – Test Steps. ...
  5. Step 5 – Test Data. ...
  6. Step 6 – Expected Result. ...
  7. Step 7 – Post Condition. ...
  8. Step 8 – Actual Result.

Which mock test are best for banking? ›

Best Test Series for Bank Exams 2022
  • Guidely Mock Test Series Links. Olive board:– This test series contains all types of updated model questions. ...
  • Oliveboard Mock Test Series Link. ...
  • Practice Mock Test Series Link. ...
  • ByjusExamPrep Mock Test Series Link.

What is test key in banking? ›

Test Key a digital code calculated in compliance with the algorithm set by the Bank using a TCT or a DigiPass. Transactions with Assets – any activity with Assets in the line with the Terms and Conditions.

What is QA in banking? ›

Quality assurance is relatively a new field in the banking industry. It will now be responsible for evaluation of the systems and recommending quality assurance standards in line with the best business practices.

How do you test financial applications? ›

Testing financial applications involves gathering and analysing requirements, developing a comprehensive test plan, designing test cases, executing tests and documenting results, tracking and managing defects, conducting user acceptance testing, performance testing, security testing, and regression testing to ensure ...

What are the top three types of analytics techniques widely used in banking? ›

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

Business Analytics is the process by which businesses use statistical methods and technologies for analysing data in order to gain insights and improve their strategic decision-making.

Which system is used by banks to handle daily transactions? ›

Gartner defines a core banking system as a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records.

What are some examples of test cases? ›

Let's explore some more test case types and examples:
  • functionality.
  • UI.
  • integration.
  • performance.
  • usability.
  • database.
  • user acceptance.
  • exploratory.
Feb 1, 2022

What is a sample sentence for excel? ›

excel (in/at something) She has always excelled in foreign languages. As a child he excelled at music and art. excel (at doing something) The team excels at turning defence into attack.

How do I create a case scenario in excel? ›

Goto the Data tab > What-If Analysis > Scenario Manager > Add. In the Scenario name dialog, name the scenario Worst Case, and specify that cells B2 and B3 are the values that change between scenarios.

How to Import test cases from Excel to Microsoft test Manager? ›

  1. Open New Excel sheet.
  2. Click on Team and.
  3. Click on New List.
  4. Select TFS server in Connect to team project window and click on connect button.
  5. Select- query list- my Test Case in new list window and click on ok button.
Jan 19, 2012

How do I Import test cases from Excel to ALM 15? ›

To import a file:
  1. Expand the Settings menu. Under the Import section, select a type.
  2. Click Browse and navigate to the folder with the Excel file. ...
  3. Click Import. ...
  4. After the import is complete, the items are added to ALM Octane in the relevant module and location.

How do I download test cases from Jira to excel? ›

Export test cases from Jira to Excel
  1. Collect Zephyr tests in Issue Navigator.
  2. Click the large Excel icon at the top to open the Excel export options.
  3. Select the "Zephyr Test Steps (Current Fields)" export option.
Oct 26, 2022

What is the test case template? ›

It is a document that outlines the steps, inputs, and expected results for a specific test scenario. A test case template is used to plan and organize software testing efforts, ensuring that all necessary test cases are executed and that any defects are identified and tracked.

What is a good test case? ›

“(1) A set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for a particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement.

Which software I write test cases? ›

10 Best Test Case Management Software Summary
1Tricentis qTest Best for automating tests with no scripting
2Testiny Best test case management software with customizable templates
3Applause Best for test case management-as-a-service
4Kualitee Best ALM platform for on-the-go development teams
6 more rows
Mar 28, 2023

What are the four 4 basic testing methods? ›

It is important that everybody understands this. There are generally four recognized levels of testing: unit/component testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.

What are the 5 testing methods? ›

There are many different types of testing, but for this article we will stick to the core five components of testing:
  • 1) Unit Tests. ...
  • 2) Integration/System Tests. ...
  • 3) Functional Tests. ...
  • 4) Regression Tests. ...
  • 5) Acceptance Tests.
Jun 6, 2017

How do I create a test plan in Excel? ›

How to create a test plan template in Excel
  1. Choose a layout. ...
  2. Add test strategy information. ...
  3. Add fields for test identification. ...
  4. Add fields for test designer and executor. ...
  5. Add fields for steps. ...
  6. Add fields for expected and actual results. ...
  7. Add fields for test status. ...
  8. Add fields for preconditions and dependencies.
Jun 24, 2022

How do I create a test report in Excel? ›

Open Microsoft Excel, select the Load Test tab in the Office ribbon and then choose Load Test Report. The Generate a Load Test Report Wizard appears. In the Select database which contains load tests page, under Server name, type the name of the server containing the load test results.

How to write test cases for PDF download? ›

Test Cases For Download
  1. Check whether the Download button is clickable or not.
  2. Check on click of the download file; it should ask for the destination location or not.
  3. Check if the file is downloaded or not when the user clicks on download.
  4. Check if the downloaded file size is equal to the original file size.
Apr 10, 2023

How can I improve my accuracy in banking exam? ›

How to Improve Speed and Accuracy for Bank Exams?
  1. Build a strong foundation.
  2. Work on your weaknesses.
  3. Time Management.
  4. Attempt mock tests to know your preparation level.
  5. Exam-like environment at home.
Feb 18, 2022

Which bank exam is most easiest? ›

A: The bank exam that is easy and best are IBPS Clerk, RBI Assistant, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, etc.

Where can I get free mock test for banking? ›

Free Mock Test 2023 Online

Adda247 offers a free mock test 2023 for government exams like banking exams, SSC exams, and teaching exams, among others. Free English, Reasoning, and other free mock test online are available.

How do you write a key bank check? ›

On This Page
  1. Fill in the date.
  2. Write the name of the payee.
  3. Write the check amount in numeric form.
  4. Write the check amount in words.
  5. Write a memo.
  6. Sign the check.
Apr 28, 2023

What is a stress test for a bank? ›

The stress tests evaluate the financial resilience of large banks by estimating bank losses, revenues, expenses, and resulting capital levels—which provide a cushion against losses—under hypothetical recession scenarios into the future.

What are the stress test models for banks? ›

The two commonly used stress tests for banks in the United States are the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and the Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test (DFAST).

What is the difference between QA and QC in banking? ›

QC ensures that the standards are followed while engaged working on the Product. QA Defines standards and methodologies to followed so as to fulfill the client needs. QC is the method to verify that deliverable. QA is that the method to form the deliverable.

Who is responsible for quality in banking? ›

The Quality Bank is administered by the owners of TAPS and regulated by the FERC.

What is the test for financial? ›

Financial reasoning tests involve questions that require financial knowledge such as looking at business statements, profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. Like numerical reasoning tests, questions will include data in graphs, tables, and text format.

What are the 3 most important banking services? ›

The 5 most important banking services are checking and savings accounts, loan and mortgage services, wealth management, providing Credit and Debit Cards, Overdraft services. You can read about the Types of Banks in India – Category and Functions of Banks in India in the given link.

What are the big 3 core banking? ›

The “Big 3” in bank technology—FIS, Fiserv, and Jack Henry—dominate the market for core banking systems and provide many of the ancillary and functional systems that banks and credit unions run.

What is an example of analytics in banking? ›

A: Banking analytics refers to the application of data analytics — that is, the use of various tools and technologies to collect, process, and analyze raw data — within the banking industry. Examples of banking analytics include customer segmentation, credit risk management, and fraud detection.

How is SQL used in banking? ›

Answer: What applications of SQL are there in banking? Not just for banking, but for any data-driven application, SQL is a language that may be employed. User accounts, money transfers, withdrawals, deposits, and other features make up a banking system. These all represent SQL-manipulable tables or other things.

Which software is used in banking? ›

SAP for Banking, CGI Open Finance, Oracle FLEXCUBE, Temenos Transact - Core Banking, Validis, Symphony™, Avaloq Banking Suite, Mambu, TCS BaNCS, and INTRASOFT PROFITS.

What is test case in Excel? ›

Definition. Test cases are the part of testing by which a product can be tested properly according to a set of requirements. Advantages of using test cases in excel sheets. Easily handle the test cases in the sheet.

How do you make a test case sheet? ›

Follow the below-given steps to write the test cases.
  1. Step 1 – Test Case ID. Each test case should be illustrated by a unique ID. ...
  2. Step 2 – Test Case Description. ...
  3. Step 3 – Pre-Conditions. ...
  4. Step 4 – Test Steps. ...
  5. Step 5 – Test Data. ...
  6. Step 6 – Expected Result. ...
  7. Step 7 – Post Condition. ...
  8. Step 8 – Actual Result.

What is a test case template? ›

It is a document that outlines the steps, inputs, and expected results for a specific test scenario. A test case template is used to plan and organize software testing efforts, ensuring that all necessary test cases are executed and that any defects are identified and tracked.

What is the difference between test case and test scenario? ›

The main difference between test cases and test scenarios is that test cases are specific instructions that can be used to test a particular function or feature of an application, while test scenarios are high-level descriptions of how a specific function or feature of an application should work.

What is the basic format of test report? ›

Basic Test Report Summary

Executive Overview — Summary of key findings. Test Objective — Information about test type and purpose. Test Summary — Defining passed, failed, and blocked test cases. Defects — Described with priority and status.

What are the different types of tests in Excel? ›

Type: Excel can perform three t-test types, including paired, two-sample equal variance and two-sample unequal variance. Paired tests include data with the same average mean, two-sample equal variance includes tests from the same population and two-sample unequal variance includes tests from different populations.

How do you create a test case without requirements? ›

How to Write Test Cases Without Requirements
  1. Write them based on ideal user experience. ...
  2. Ask questions of product managers/developers. ...
  3. Research similar features on other apps/websites. ...
  4. Brainstorm any possible action you can do with the feature. ...
  5. Ask developers what logic they used in the code.

How many test cases can you write in a day? ›

41) How many test cases can we run in a day? We can run around 30-55 test cases per day.


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