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The idea of ​​buying a car through an online auction usually means going to eBay Motors orbring a trailer. But there is another open bidding platform that offers an alternative. That is cars and offers , and let's explore what this site is all about.

What is "Cars and Bids"?

Cars & Bids is an online auto auction platform that allows car owners to list and sell their vehicles. The idea here is that a seller can move their car faster than the traditional private sale route. The platform emphasizes selling vintage and new cars, mostly from the 1980s, 1990s and beyond—anything aficionados tend to call "cool." The site calls these "enthusiastic cars."

Chances are you won't find boring deals at Cars & Deals. Each featured vehicle offers something a little "extra". Some examples might include a 1990s BMW M5 or a retro SUV like a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. Other options might include a 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 or a classic VW Camper. It's a unique and eclectic mix of cars.

Car & Bids also features reviews from well-known automotive YouTuber Doug DeMuro.

Who is Doug De Muro?

Doug DeMuro is a well-known automotive critic who has earned more than four million fans on his Canal de Youtube . DeMuro distinguishes himself by not only commenting on the latest vehicles, but also classic and quirky vehicles. Some of these reviews look at Cars & Bids (C&B) automobiles, which DeMuro launched in 2020.

While not all C&B cars get the Doug DeMuro treatment, those that do enjoy significant exposure among his legion of fans. It's a great way for buyers to get a broader view of these vehicles.

Cars and bids: how it works

The website is straightforward and easy to use. See how it works.

buying a car

The purchase begins with the first registration on the site; it's free to do it. Remember, Cars & Bids make money from buyer fees. Therefore, you will need to provide valid credit card information as part of the registration process. The costs of a successful auction are charged to this card.

Do you have a car to sell?

Receive multiple cash offers in minutes

  • Car license plate
  • VIN

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The site warns potential buyers that they are responsible for doing their own due diligence on vehicles. A buyer can review each listing and ask the seller questions through the "Contact" feature. Buyers can also schedule a personal visit to the car or arrange to have an inspector visit them.

The bidding process looks like this (after registration):

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  • Paso 1: Find a car you like on the site.
  • Step 2: Click "Make Offer".
  • Step 3: A hold is placed on your credit card for 4.5% of the offer amount.
  • Stage 4: The auction timer counts down and any new bids made in the last minute reset the timer to one minute.
  • Paso 5: Upon successful completion of the auction, the platform will automatically exchange information between the seller and the buyer.
  • Paso 6: Contact the seller and make arrangements to close the deal.

The payment of the car can involve own resources or financing through the C&B platform in association with Lightstream. You will have the opportunity to apply for a LightStream loan prior to bidding to ensure eligibility and determine bid thresholds.

4.5% buyer fee charged to credit card on file at end of offer. There is a minimum fee of $225 and a maximum fee of $4,500, so six-figure purchases are capped when it comes to fee. Any credit card hold is released if the offer is unsuccessful.

sell a car

Selling on Cars & Bids is completely free, which gives the site a significant advantage over other platforms that charge listing fees. C&B asks for the VIN, quality pictures of the car, and a short description. It is vital that the photos are high definition images showing as much detail as possible.

Upon initial receipt, the site will request additional information, including additional interior and exterior images, service records, and ownership history. Cars & Bids also requires that the vehicle is not for sale on any other platform. These listings will need to be removed before the vehicle can be activated on C&B.

The site team creates a draft car listing for seller approval. Once this information is cleared, the list is scheduled to be published. A seller should be ready to answer buyers' questions when the sale begins. C&B encourages sellers to respond quickly to inquiries to ensure maximum offers.

Sellers have the option of creating a reserve (a minimum acceptable bid level) for the auction, but Cars & Bids discourages this practice. Unreserved claim listings tend to do better overall. In the case of an unsuccessful reserve auction, C&B contacts the seller with the highest bidder to see if a deal can be reached. However, the seller has no obligation if the reservation is not fulfilled.

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Seller must receive full payment within one week of successful auction close. At this point, the seller and buyer are in contact to coordinate the transfer of the car and title.

Car benefits and bids

A review by Doug DeMuro

Hands down, the most unique aspect of Cars & BIds is the chance to get a Doug DeMuro plugin. It's something thatcraigslist, eBay or any other platform cannot offer. DeMuro features built-in followers that instantly expand your potential buyer pool.

Adding high-definition photos and a video of a vehicle is tempting, but a DeMuro display can take auction awareness and selling price to another level. Every seller's dream is to have their car at the center of a bidding war.

Wide range of model years on offer

The Cars & Bid platform offers a wide range of vehicles, from the quirky and eclectic to the fast and powerful. The site can be an ideal place for a buyer who is looking for a unique car that best reflects his personality. A C&B list also details any modifications that have been made to the vehicle. This keeps bidders informed and helps the car stand out from the crowd. Also, most listings detail the options included. So, for example, a bidder for a BMW 3 Series will know whether or not the car has the M sports package.

Quick lists and easy programming

From start to finish, the listing and selling process is convenient. In addition, the Carros & Lances team assists at all stages. The initial step involves submitting only basic information to determine if the car is approved. The approach is relatively easy once the vehicle is approved for listing. Sellers can also add information about best selling times, which C&B will consider when preparing the listing.

Sellers answer questions

Buyers enjoy a helpful line of communication with sellers through the contact us feature. It's an easy and painless way to answer questions that might not be addressed in the auction listing. At the same time, C&B encourages sellers to be available to answer these questions.

No listing fee

Sellers enjoy a free platform, in contrast to many other auction sites that charge sellers fees and listing commissions. Even the 4.5% buyer's premium is reasonable.

Image: via Doug DeMuro/YouTube

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