A Parent's Guide to the Daytrana Patch (2023)

For children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) who have trouble swallowing pills or who want to avoid the stigma of taking medication at school, Daytrana may be a good medication option. A transdermal patch applied to the skin saves parents from having to crush a pill, mix it with food and wait for the child to swallow all of the ADHD medication. On days when the child does not need medication for a long time, it can be conveniently removed.

Since its launch in 2006,I am stuckit has been recalled several times by the FDA due to adherence issues, among other things. In a statement on Daytrana's website, the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug says, "Noven is working diligently to improve product availability, but there may be temporary shortages of Daytrana in retail stores." remember updates. For more information, see "Q: How do I find Daytrana?" sob.

In general, parents have a lot of questions about how Daytrana works, its effectiveness, benefits and side effects, and how to use it. Here's what you should know about it.ADHD medication, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Daytrana Patch Basics: How This ADHD Drug Works

The Daytrana patch contains methylphenidate, the same stimulant asRitalin,The concert,Focusand other commonly prescribed ADHD medications. But its delivery system - a transdermal patch - is different.

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With pills, the drug is ingested, released into the digestive system and absorbed into the bloodstream. With the patch, the medication passes directly through the skin and is absorbed into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system. Each patch area contains the same amount of medicine. The patch is available in different strengths; Patients can also adjust the dose by using the patch for a shorter or longer period of time.

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Dosages of Daytrana patches

The Daytrana patch is available in 10, 15, 20 and 30 mg. dosages. (Each number represents the number of milligrams released in nine hours.) The 10 mg. Patch releases 1.1 mg. inmethylphenidateper hour and contains 27.5 mg. per patch; the 15mg. Patch provides 1.6 mg. per hour and contains 41.3 mg.; the 20mg. Patch provides 2.2 mg. per hour and contains 55 mg.; and the 30mg. Patch provides 3.3 mg. per hour and contains 82.5 mg. of methylphenidate.

The manufacturer recommends that a child start with 10 mg. correction. If this is not effective, the dose should be increased weekly until a doctor determines that the drug is relieving symptoms. The patch takes up to two hours to start working and can be worn for up to nine hours. The effect lasts from one to three hours after removal. However, no large-scale studies have been conducted on the benefits and risks of treating adults.ADHDwith Daytrana, the patch should also work in teenagers and adults with this condition.

Guidelines for using the Daytrana Patch

The pharmaceutical manufacturer recommends sticking the Daytrana patch on the patient's hip for efficient drug absorption; a new patch should be applied every day. The entire surface of the patch must be exposed to the skin for the right amount of medicine to be absorbed.

Before applying the Daytrana patch, make sure the hip area you are applying it to is clean and dry. Avoid placing it on your waist, as rubbing clothing can cause the adhesive to come off. When applying the patch, press firmly with your hand for 30 seconds, making sure the edges are fully adhered. Tell your child not to play with the patch during the day.

Some patients may experience skin irritation at the patch site. Some redness is considered normal and can be minimized by making sure the patch site is free of cuts or irritation and applying the patch to a different spot each day (i.e. alternate hips). If contact dermatitis (swelling, itching, severe redness, small bumps) develops and does not improve within 48 hours or spreads beyond the patch site, stop using the patch and consult a dermatologist.

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Correct adhesive disposal is just as important as correct application. To prevent small children from accidentally coming into contact with the medicine, fold it in half so it sticks together and dispose of it in a safe place.

Daytrana patch side effects

A child using the Daytrana patch will have many of the same experiencesADHD medication side effectsthat they would experience when taking oral medications. For example, children may lose their appetite and have trouble falling asleep; They may also develop headaches, abdominal pain and tics. As with methylphenidate pills, a child may experience irritability, anger, and a dull personality if the dose is too high. There are also patch-specific side effects - namely skin irritation and/or rash at the site of the patch.

The FDA warns that permanent loss of skin color can occur when using the Daytrana patch; In 2015, it added a warning to the drug label to describe this skin condition known as chemical leucoderma. see theFDA Drug Safety Noticefor more information.

Q: How can I avoid Daytrana side effects?

A: Change the hip the patch is used on each day to reduce potential irritation and place it in a different location on the child's hip each time. Do not apply the patch to irritated or broken skin; this can increase the amount of medicine that gets into your child's bloodstream.

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Q: How do I find Daytrana?

A: Noven was forced to recall hundreds of thousands of Daytrana patches due to problems encountered with the protective layer covering the medicated portion of the patch and problems reported by patients who opened the patch to apply it. Following these incidents, there was a widespread shortage of Daytrana across the country.

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On the Daytrana website, the pharmacist advises parents looking to access this medication to use the "Pharmacy Locator (1-800-420-2719)" service, which "may be able to identify a pharmacy that may have stock of Daytran". If you cannot find a pharmacy that has Daytrana, contact your doctor.”

Q: I am having trouble removing the protective case from the Daytrana before putting it on. I tried to remove the cover with scissors and accidentally cut the patch. Can I use a damaged Daytrana patch?

A: Many families have told me that they keep the stickers in the fridge. Apparently the protective cover is easier to remove when the adhesive is cold. If you accidentally cut the patch, the manufacturer recommends throwing it away and using a new one.

Q: What happens if I touch the sticky part of the ADHD sticker?

A: No significant amount of medicine is lost. If you touch the sticky part with your fingers, it's a good idea to wash your hands immediately after application to avoid absorbing the medicine.

Q: What should I do if the Daytrana patch gets wet?

A: When used correctly, the patch stays put and continues to release medication, although contact with water while bathing, swimming or showering may affect its adhesion. If the patch falls off, discard it and place a new patch on a different area on the same hip. Make sure the total daily application time does not exceed nine hours. Do not use masking tape, bandages or other household glue to reattach the patch.

P: My son is doing great once the ADHD medication kicks in in the morning. But until then, she runs screaming. What can I do?

A: About two hours before you want to wake her up, go to her room and gently place the patch on her waist without disturbing her. When she wakes up, the medication should be working and she will be less impulsive and inattentive. If you decide to do this, discuss with your doctor how to get all-day coverage and when to remove the patch.

P: Is Daytrana more expensive than the oral medication?

A: Often, drugs remain expensive as long as the manufacturer's patent remains in effect. However, when the patent expires and a generic form of the drug is produced, the price drops. At this time, the patent for Daytrana remains in effect and there are no immediate plans to commercialize a generic form of Daytrana.

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In 2014, Noven Pharmaceuticals (maker of Daytrana) reached an agreement with Actavis PLC to allow development of a generic methylphenidate patch. However, Actavis was acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals in 2016 and Teva has not announced its intention to release a generic version of Daytrana. Noven filed a lawsuit to prevent another company, Mylan Inc., from manufacturing a generic version of the Daytrana patch in 2015.

Since there are no generics yet, Daytrana is more expensive than generic forms of oral medications. However, it may not be more expensive than oral ADHD drugs, which are still protected by a patent.

Q: My teenager uses the Daytrana patch and it works well. But he gets embarrassed when his friends see him wearing gym clothes or taking a shower. What can I do to ease his embarrassment?

A: I understand that he doesn't want others to see the patch. Maybe he wanted more privacy when changing or showering. Or you can help him find an explanation that satisfies nosy colleagues. He might say, "I have a medical problem and this is how the drug is released in my body."

Q: Can my child wear the ADHD patch most of the day but add a fast-acting pill to boost the effect, for example when taking an exam or in a difficult class?

A: This approach would require a thorough knowledge of both drugs, as well as the individual patient's absorption/peak, effect/fade cycle. Discuss this with your child's prescribing physician before trying.

Q: Can the Daytrana patch be abused?

The Daytrana patch is less likely to be abused than some oral ADHD medications because it releases methylphenidate very slowly. People who want to abuse stimulants prefer pills that can be taken with a quick onset of action.

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This article was originally published in 2008 and updated in 2020.

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