15 Useful Minecraft Commands You Must Use (2023)

Whether you're a fan of cheats or not, Minecraft has hands down the best game commands (or cheats) compared to any other video game. Not only do they give you special abilities, but you can even change every component of your world using these commands. Furthermore, considering howMinecraft Adventure Modecan only be accessed with commands, they are certainly more than a basic feature. That's why we're here to help you learn the most useful Minecraft commands. While some commands offer survival benefits, others can make yourminecraft house ideaseasier to build. But if you don't want to be limited to just a few commands, we've already covered a full list ofMinecraft bedrock commandsfor you to explore With that said, let's take a look at the most useful Minecraft commands in this guide!

Most Useful Minecraft Commands (2023)

AccordingMinecraft Wiki, there are more than 115 commands in Minecraft. Therefore, we have selected only the most useful ones whose actions cannot be replicated by game blocks. But its use depends purely on personal preferences. So feel free to explore them at your convenience using the table below.


How to use non minecraft commands

In Minecraft, there are two ways to use commands. First, you can justenter the commands in your chatboxto use them. works on bothMinecraft Java y baseon all its support platforms. But if you want to touch them up, extend them and repeat them, you will have touse a command block in minecraft. Our linked guide can help you learn everything about command blocks in depth.

Returning to its use,you need to insert the symbol "/"followed by your command to use it. Most of the commands in Minecraft have additional modifier keywords that allow you to further customize their functionality. But that is a topic for another day. For now, let's move on to some of the most useful Minecraft commands.

1. Teleport in Minecraft

  • Syntax: /tp or /teleport <target> <location coordinates>
  • Example:/tp@s 112 14 423

One of the most common and useful commands in Minecraft is the teleport command. You only need to know the coordinates of the destination and you will arrive in no time. Gone are the days of aimlessly walking in random directions. Also, we already have aguide to teleport in minecraftto help you get started.

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15 Useful Minecraft Commands You Must Use (1)

By comparison, the fastest mode of transportation right now is Nether portals, and they don't even come close to teleportation. Also, unless you're in abarco minecraft, only teleportation allows you to travel with other players in the game.

2. Change game mode

  • Syntax: /game mode<mode name>
  • Example:/creative game mode

Minecraft has a variety of game modes that offer different gameplay experiences. This handy command allows you to quickly switch between them without leaving the world.

  • Survivalis the default game mode that focuses on exploration and open world gameplay. You can respawn in it.
  • creative wayIt's great for building structures and makingminecraft maps. Your character is virtually invincible in this mode, and is ignored by all hostile mobs.
  • spectator modeallows you to explore the world like a ghost. You cannot interact with the blocks and you can fly through them.
  • adventure modeit is for playing minecraft custom adventure maps and limits players' skills to mining, crafting and more.
  • Exclusive to Java, thehard modeit's basically survival, but with no respawn features.

3. Summon any entity in Minecraft

  • Syntax: /get together<entity name>
  • Example:/summon minecraft:save

The term "entity" in Minecraft refers to all the moving objects in your world. This command allows you to invoke any of them. These entities may include:

  • crowds
  • Boats and Cars
  • blocks affected by gravity
  • Items with “use” control and
  • Mobs riding other mobs
15 Useful Minecraft Commands You Must Use (2)

Going a step further, this is one of the only commands that allows you to access items that aren't already in the game. For example, you can summon a giant zombie to your world using the "/summon giant" command.

4. Locate structures easily

  • Syntax: /to locate<structure/biome/poi> <name>
  • Example:/find structure of old_city

Unless you have access to a list ofbest minecraft seeds, it can be difficult to find rare structures in the game. And if you're looking for rare locations like Woodland mansions, you may never find them in a normal world. That's where the location command comes in handy.

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15 Useful Minecraft Commands You Must Use (3)

You just have to say what you want to find, andthe game will give you the location of that biome or structure. You can then use the teleport command we covered above to get to that location. Don't forget that there is also a similar command "/locatebiome", which can provide the coordinates of differentminecraft biomes.

5. Change your world time

  • Syntax: /tempo<add/set/query> <time>
  • Example:/time set day

Time in the world of Minecraft moves much faster than in the real world. But even with that, it can sometimes feel too slow. Fortunately, all you have to do is use the time command to switch between different quarters of time. You can even use this command to skip just a few hours in your game day.

These changes are useful if you are tryinggrow crops in minecraft. However, if you want to increase or decrease the overall speed of time, this command is not useful. For this, you need to use our following Minecraft command.

6. Change the rules of the game

  • Syntax: /game rule <rule name> <change>
  • Example:/gamerule randomTickSpeed ​​233

Our next useful Minecraft command is quite powerful. As the name suggests, you can use it to change the behavior of entities, players, and even the world. He can change the speed of time, spawn entities, and even give players some special abilities. However, keep in mind that many changes made by this command can permanently affect your world.

7. Make structures and place blocks

  • Syntax: /fill <start location> <end location> <block name>
  • Example:/fill ~11 ~23 ~34 ~ ~ ~ minecraft:sculk

If you are a builder in the world of minecraft, you will love this next command for minecraft. Thisallows you to make cuboidal structuresof all the elements that can be placed in the game. So you can not only create cubic structures from blocks, but also untouchable objects such as light, air, water, and even portal frames.

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8. Kill any mob

  • Syntax:/matar<target name or code>
  • Example:/matar steve

Whether it's an accidentally spawned vine or an unplanned fight with the Wither, things can quickly get out of hand in the world of Minecraft. Fortunately, you can use the kill command to instantly kill any and all entities around you. Killed entities still drop experience orbs and mob loot as they would on a normal combat kill.

If you somehow find yourself in a sticky situation or want to reset your world, the kill command is also useful in this situation. As long as you have your inventory safe, you can use this command to kill yourself and respawn into the world. However, you may have to do some work tofind your home in the world of minecraft.

9. Get a shake effect

  • Syntax:/ camera shake<target> [intensity] [time] [agitation type]
  • Example:/camera shake @s 0.25 5 positionsa

Minecraft has very few visual effects in its game. However, Minecraft Bedrock and Education players can unlock asecret camera shake effectwith the Minecraft "camera move" command. It makes you feel like your world is having an earthquake, but without causing any destruction.

10. Get any item in the game

  • Syntax:/but<target> <item> <quantity>
  • Example: /give @s minecraft:apple 999

If you're in creative mode, you can get most items in the game at the click of a button. But what you can't get in the creative inventory can be accessed using the "give" command. It is also one of the few ways to generatecommand blocks in minecraft. Youyou can also set the number of items you want to spawnin your inventory. Some players use this command only to get unreleased secret items inBet they minecraft.

11. Clone Locations

  • Syntax:/clone<start area> <end area> <target area> [mask mode] [mod clone]
  • Example:/clone 123 21 322 122 25 325 453 664 665 [replace][mover]

One of the most annoying parts of building a base in Minecraft is finding the perfect location. Some are near towns, while others have a glitched mansion. But what about moving structures and locations to a specific point in your world? If you cancopy and paste locations easily, including structures, wherever you want with the clone command.

You just need to know the coordinates around your target area to make your copies. Have you ever thought of having a deserted temple on the surface of the ocean? Now you can make it happen.

12. Keep learning commands

  • Syntax: /aid<command name>
  • Example:/help teleport

By now, you know how awesome the commandos are in the game. So if you want to continue exploring them, Minecraft offers a special help command. It allows you to understand and use all the game commands easily. In case it fails, you can always let us know in the comment section.

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13. Change the Minecraft biome

15 Useful Minecraft Commands You Must Use (5)
  • Syntax:/fillbiome<start area> <end area> <biome name>
  • Example:/fillbiome 123 44 231 122 54 234 minecraft:plains

The "fillbiome" command is one of the newer Minecraft commands and also one of the most requested. You can use this command to change the biome of any specific region of the Minecraft world to the biome of your choice. By doing this, the blocks in the area are not replaced. Instead, your environmental aspects, weather settings, and mob spawns are affected. Plus, you can move biomes from one dimension to another, unlocking huge potential for a variety of Minecraft farms.

14. Play music

  • Syntax:/music<play/queue/stop> <track name> [volumee] [fade seconds] [repeat mode]
  • Example:/music play record.cat 1 0 loop

While recent updates have added new soundtracks to random parts of the game, Minecraft still lags far behind other games in terms of idle music. Fortunately, you can take the controls in your hands and play your favorite music from the game whenever you want using this command. However, make a consensus to pick a track if you are on a multiplayer server. Not all soundtracks are equally loved in the community.

15. Enchant any item

  • Syntax:/enchant <target> <enchantment> [level]
  • Example:/love @s sharpness 2

Minecraft enchantments are a major turning point for all gamers. They can effectively make or break a fight. However, the greatest potential of various enchantments cannot even be obtained in standard Minecraft. That's when you should use this command to take your enchanted item to levels beyond what the game suggests.

As you'll discover, many enchantments are capped at level 3 in the main game, but can be raised to level 5 with this command. It doesn't seem right to limit magic, so your enchantments shouldn't be limited either. Also, you can use it to enchant items that can't even be enchanted.

Use These Cool Minecraft Commands To Boost Your Game

With that, you already have a collection of the best Minecraft commands to use in 2022. Depending on the scenario, some of these commands may be more useful than others, but they will all make your game easier. However, if you want to approach the game in a more traditional way, some of thebest minecraft enchantmentsmibetter potionsit can also offer some benefits. Regarding their skills, our list ofbest parkour mapsit can help you at least master your movement in the game. And when you're ready, you can take over thebest speedrun seedsand make your team proud. With that being said, what other useful Minecraft commands should we include on this list? Tell us in the comments below!


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